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Brides Nail Perfect Manicure


Hey, if you're here means you are looking for a very fun game and certainly today you're a lucky kid. Here you will be able to become a friend of a bride, you'll be able to work in a beauty salon and more than that you can learn many beauty tricks. If you are a young woman who is always attentive to how she is looking you will be happy to know that here you'll be able to help the young bride to look perfect. Through this perfect nail salon game you can participate in a dream wedding, you may even be bridesmaid to our beautiful friend. She wants to have a perfect manicure and have great confidence in you that you will be able to help her. If you want that in future to own a beauty salon today you'll be able to experience through this game for girls. Our salon is very nice and very well equipped, here you'll be able to use the best cosmetic products.The end of this game will be a nice one only if you will comply with all instructions.We have prepared many details that will help.Success!- Alina is happy because she will know you;- She is home;- Help her to drink her favorite tea;- Now she wants to go to the spa but before that she will have to go to the store;- She needs to buy liquid soap, hand cream, face cream and nail polish;- Has a wound to the hand and you have to treat;- Disinfect the wound;- Apply a special ointment;- Bandage the wound;- Now you have to clean old nail polish;- Cut nails;- Apply a suitable polish;- Choose the most beautiful models;- You must choose an interesting tattoo;- Do not forget the accessories to beautify hands;- The young woman is very happy, you're a good friend.
Thank you for help, please come back every day and have fun!